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Hypothetical Situation

Hypothetically speaking, suppose you are an alumnus of a university with a large-pedestrian campus that was situated in a locale that features varied terrain and, as a result, constrained parking options. Suppose further that as an alumnus you've made the pilgrimage back to said campus many of times to visit with friends, former professors, and to just reminisce about your old college days.

Now, hypothetically speaking, of course, let's say that you've happened to rack up a couple of parking tickets stemming from your visits campus... to the tune of $90 or so. You haven't paid any of these tickets and some have gone without payment for years.

The question is: Should one pay these tickets?

Some qualifying considerations:

-- Two out of the three parking tickets have come when classes weren't in session, and one instance involved an honest belief that one was parking 'legally'.
-- On most days you find that you completely agree with the campus's parking policy and think that less students, faculty, and staff should be driving to campus.
-- You're mobility impaired and cannot walk the long distances or hills that the campus offers. So you need to park near the buildings/people you visit. You have a handicapped pass, but the university requires both a handicapped pass and an institutional permit to park in handicapped spaces, so you get ticketed anyway.
-- In no instances did you make the effort to appeal the ticket. Life's short, and filling out forms is no fun.
-- What if instead of paying the ticket, you increased your annual donation to the university in question by the same amount?
-- You're honestly scared that your car may be towed one of these days...

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on April 19, 2011 (#)

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