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About MetaEzra

Founded by Cornell alumni in 2006, MetaEzra is an alumni-run organization and website dedicated to addressing issues associated with Cornell University. Through a group of contributors, MetaEzra aims to discuss news and items of interest at both Cornell and across the landscape of higher education. We realize that Ezra Cornell founded his University with democratic sentiments, and that over time, his university has only obtained the stature that it now enjoys through the concerted efforts of many diverse parties engaging in constructive dialogue with the University. Therefore, this project continues in the tradition of building and strengthening our beloved alma mater so that it may endure in its mission of "any person... any study”.

MetaEzra is in no way associated with Cornell University, its trustees, or The State of New York.

MetaEzra assumes no legal liability whatsoever for the works of its contributors. All opinions and ideas expressed by contributors to this site are those of the contributors themselves, and do not reflect in any way an official position of MetaEzra or any of its other contributors. The rights to all works published at MetaEzra are owned by the author of the work.

Behind the scenes, MetaEzra is managed by Movable Type, a very powerful, easy-to-use, and inexpensive content management system. It knocks our socks off.

Interested in contributing to the website? MetaEzra is always looking for new writers, especially for those with a unique perspective on Cornell. Potential contributors should email editor(at)metaezra(dot)com with writing samples and convincing reasons for why they would make a good addition to our project. We are also interested in hearing from Cornell alums with technical or art/design expertise who might be interested in working on the website.