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Matthew Nagowski '05 | Editor and Publisher

After graduating from Cornell, Matthew lived in Boston, MA, for two years, but has since returned to his hometown of Buffalo, NY. While at Cornell, he was a research assistant at the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute, and has published scholarly articles on the economics of higher education. Among other campus pursuits, he wrote for the Red Letter Daze of the Daily Sun, where his greatest claim to fame was that his review of Tom Wolfe's I Am Charlotte Simmons was quoted, but unattributed, in the Village Voice.
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Elie Bilmes '10 | Associate Editor

Elie lives in Saint Louis and teaches high school social studies as part of Teach For America. In college, he worked for three semesters as Editor in Chief of The Cornell Progressive, spent one year as president of Acacia Fraternity, and later served on The Cornell Daily Sun's editorial board. He also played the cowbell at Cornell men's hockey games, co-authored a weekly hockey column for the Daily Sun, and attended 78 of the Big Red hockey team's final 81 games during his time at Cornell. Originally from Connecticut, Elie wrote his senior thesis about incarceration and graduated magna cum laude from the College of Arts & Sciences.
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Makafui Fiavi '10 | Associate Editor

Makafui currently is back in Northern Virginia, after having spent four years ‘on the hill’ as a Policy Analysis and Management student. She was active at Cornell as the Outreach Coordinator of the Coalition of Pan-African Scholars, the President of the Policy Analysis and Management Organization and a Program Assistant for the Cornell's Institute of African Development. Makafui was also a member of the Language House on West Campus and the author of the blog, The Unofficial PAM Blog. A Togolese native growing up in the United States, she blogs about her experience living between the two worlds at That African Girl.
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Andy Guess '05 | Associate Editor

Andy Guess graduated in January 2006 and currently is pursuing a PhD in political science at Columbia University. Prior to his return to graduate school, his work for MetaEzra inspired him to pursue collegiate journalism full time at Inside Higher Ed, whereby he has excised all relevant opinions from his brain. He was the editor-in-chief of The Cornell Daily Sun before becoming its fiercest defender and most dogged armchair critic.
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