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Slope Media Revisited

Given Kyle's entry below about Slope Media, I feel it is appropriate to revisit a post that I wrote two years ago. Then, as now, Slope received a lot of publicity, and a lot of money, and had very little to show for all of it:

Has Slope Media deteriorated into a sham organization, with plenty of people claiming to be its leaders, but very little going on? Why is the only TV show a hockey show that doesn't talk about hockey? Why has the magazine ceased to "publish" (quotes because I don't think a paper copy has been produced since the first issue)? Why is the fancy video equipment being left unused? What happened to the exciting announcement that SlopeMedia had reached a deal with Athletics to "give viewers unlimited free access to online broadcasts of varsity sports games, pre-game events and interviews with players and fans?"

Why do I care? I care because after three years of reading and hearing about how great Slope is, after seeing how much effort its founders put into starting the organization, and after seeing the expensive equipment and imagining how many cool things can be done with it, there is essentially nothing to show for it today. And this is both disappointing and deceitful. The few active radio shows could use readily available software and microphones to stream their show online, and have no need for Slope's expensive equipment.

You would think with $40,000 of audio and video equipment, ten vice presidents, assistance from Cornell, and the unlimited broadcast potential of the internet, Slope would have more to show than this

A quick scan of the current website indicates that Slope is producing more content than it was two years ago, but the organization's sketchy track record makes me wonder why it received so much funding. The student body's memory is capped at four years.

Elie Bilmes | Posted on October 23, 2011 (#)

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