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Cornellians At Heart of NPR Controversy

There's late-breaking news this morning that NPR CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned amid the scandal around NPR's Chief Fundraiser, Ron Schiller calling Tea Partier's 'rascist'.

The news behind the news, however, is that both are Cornellians.Vivian Schiller is a Class of 1983 alumna. You can read her interview in the Cornell Alumni Magazine here. And Ron Schiller is an alumnus of the Class of 1986 and serves on the Glee Club's advisory council.

Coincidentally, the racist label is one I wouldn't strongly disagree with. But in our politically correct world, this is unfortunately the way things play out, especially for an organization that receives public funding. It's worth mentioning that the Tea Party movement would not be nearly as strong if a white man by the name of Mitt Romney implemented the Affordable Care Act, as opposed to a black man by the name of Barack Obama.

Late Update: Longtime MetaEzra reader MP who previously accused this website of jumping the shark, has written in to suggest that my earlier comments amounted to offering no argument, and just an ad hom attack calling all Tea Partiers racist. I didn't call the movement racist; all I was suggesting was that the movement has been strengthened by those who have reacted viscerally to Obama's presidency.

But don't take my word for it, take research out of the University of Washington that shows "support for the Tea Party increases the probability that individuals agree that it's okay to “racially profile someone on account of their race or religion” by approximately 27 percent."

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on March 09, 2011 (#)

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