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Bob Saget and Seal and Serpent

I had completely forgotten about Bob Saget's television show featuring the Seal and Serpent fraternity until MetaEzra reader AB reminded us of the show and the fact that the entire episode is available for free on A&E's website. AB writes:

One thing bugged me about the show: a few minutes in, one of the brothers says that 42 is two times two to the third. But of course that's wrong. Two times two to the third is 16. 42's prime factorization is 2*3*7. Bad math, or bad editing?

The sloppy math from frat member '42' in not only an insult to the spirit of Douglas Adams but it is also ironic considering elsewhere in the show Bob Saget gushes over having a conversation with a frat brother who actually uses the word 'oligopolist' in a sentence.

Otherwise, I'm not the best contributor on this site to talk about the portrayal of Cornell's Greek system, but the brothers come across as earnest and genuine (even if some of them seemed like they had a makeover just for the show), the alma mater is used as background music on many occasion, and the sweeping vistas of the Cornell campus (con fences) are breathtaking, as always. Bob Saget even sheds a tear or two when he's not making jokes about male genitalia and waxing false-poetic about the life of college students.

I'm certain more official arbiters of taste will beg to differ, but good job, Seal and Serpent. You made this decidedly non-Greek alumnus proud.

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on December 08, 2010 (#)

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