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Should MetaEzra Cover More Sex and Booze stories?

MetaEzra reader RB '98 writes in with some editorial suggestions:

Dear "Meta,"

Maybe you would get more readers if you had more interesting stuff. There was this article about a girl at Duke who slept with like 20 guys and made a powerpoint. That made it onto the major networks. Maybe you could do something like that for Cornell?

Also, Andy from "the Office" went to Cornell; you should do an interview with him. Be sure that it is the American version of "the Office." On the British one, Andrew went to the London School of Economics, I think.

More hits mean more ad revenue which you can use to buy more Cornell parafanialia (sic).

Not to turn this into too much of a meta-MetaEzra post, but I've historically been shy to cover the sex and booze stories, because, well, they're really just not my cup of tea. I made fun of the Sun's sex columnist in the pages of the Village Voice my senior year, and, well, that's enough if you ask me.

But aside from some fun with the word 'johnson', I'm more interested in the boring world of admissions, financial aid, Cornell history, student life, and Cornell politics; other blogs like IvyGate seem to fill the suggested role much better. And so be it if I'm losing traffic as a result -- that's not really the point. Even so, we still had over 10,000 unique visits last month, which isn't too shabby for a blog that had no posts for three weeks.

And for what it's worth, a cursory search will yield that we've covered Andy Bernard on multiple occasions, including our most popular post ever.

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on October 13, 2010 (#)

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