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Munier's Swan Song

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Munier, but his departing words in his last Sun Column brilliantly captures the marvels of Cornell:

Before this rant degenerates into a typical "Salem hating on pretty much everyone who isn't a gay half-Palestinian column, let me mention something ridiculously important: I absolutely love Cornell. Take Andy Bernard's sentiments about our school, multiply by Avogadro's number, add a couple factorial signs and that's pretty much how I feel about this place. Consider this: Right now someone is sitting in the Lab of Ornithology, watching a pair of herons building a nest together. Meanwhile, a grad student in the deep recesses of Rhodes Hall is furiously coding for a supercomputer in a linux terminal. Meanwhile, a girl is sitting on Libe Slope reading Kitsch or Rainy Day or Awkward or one of the other billion student publications we have here. Meanwhile, some rock band is practicing in a Co-op on West Campus. Meanwhile, a bunch of aggies are planting vegetables over at the Dilmun Hill Farm, while nearby a pair of philosophy majors stroll through the woods discussing how incredibly idiotic Ayn Rand is. Meanwhile, a bunch of Sunnies are sitting in a room debating what stance to take in the next unsigned editorial. Meanwhile, an architect is carrying a model twice his size across the Quad from Rand to Sibley. Meanwhile Static Flow is spitting rhymes at the Nines. Meanwhile, a group of Risleyites are sitting in a parlor polishing their swords (yes, real swords) in preparation for battle. Meanwhile ,the barista at Manndible is creating a skull and crossbones with the foam atop some girl's cappucino. Meanwhile, the Marching Band stands on Ho Plaza playing the theme song from Disney's Gummi Bears...

Of course, I find it altogether fitting that Cornell's last great Sun columnist was none other than Rob Fishman '08, a fraternity member and associate of the "douchoise" that Munier loved to hyperbolically egg on.

Only at Cornell.

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on May 03, 2010 (#)

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