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More 2008 Waitlist News

So as our nice follow-up to the story that Cornell does not look to be taking many students off the waitlist... yet, the Undergraduate Admissions Office sent out the following email to all waitlisted students yesterday:

Dear Waitlistee:

Thank you for your continued interest in Cornell University. Since you have elected to remain on our waiting list, I am writing to provide you with an update.

As of today, we have made a limited number of offers of admission from the waiting list for our School of Hotel Administration. Although there is still a possibility that we may extend offers of admission for Cornell's other colleges and schools, we are not prepared to do so at this time. We should have another update for you during the week of May 26, or you may hear from us sooner if we are able to extend an offer of admission to you.

With best regards,

Jason C. Locke
Undergraduate Admissions Office

So, as we suspected, it's really going to hinge on how many currently enrolled students at Cornell get off the waitlist from other schools and decide to attend those schools instead. If this doesn't happen, it would be the first year in three years that Cornell hasn't had to aggressively use the waitlist.

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on May 15, 2008 (#)

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