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Faithful No More?

Mitchell Alva and Elie Blimes penned a much needed op-ed in today's Sun regarding the University's treatment of the Lynah Faithful in recent years:

We are not so nave as to expect free student tickets, but it should be noted that the vast majority of schools including those with great hockey traditions charge no more than single-digit prices for each game... the glaring rows of empty seats during many games this year testify to the fact that admission has become prohibitively expensive for many Cornellians... last two years). Why charge so much at Lynah yet pass out freebies next door at Newman?

As Cornell has missed the NCAA tournament each of the last two years, a supportive, vocal fan base is more valuable than ever we suggest several policy changes for the upcoming season to revive that fan base.

First, we need to improve the ticket lottery system. As it stands, there is no mechanism to ensure that the most dedicated fans have an opportunity to receive tickets.

A return to general admission seating would improve the Lynah atmosphere, as the most dedicated fans who arrive earliest could sit wherever they please amongst student seats.

We would also love to see Athletics organize bus trips. These exciting journeys would provide an easy opportunity for students without cars to see the team on the road and would cultivate a new generation of devoted Lynah Faithful....

As dedicated fans, we have spent considerable time, money and effort following Cornell hockey, and it isnt too much to ask that our efforts be appreciated... For many of us, hockey is a highlight of our Cornell experience. Please dont ruin it.

I suspect that one of the reasons for the high price of hockey tickets was the 2005 renovation of Lynah Rink, in order to make the Cornell facilities more attractive to Schaefer's recruits. But even so, I don't think a college hockey game should cost more than a movie at the local cinemas.

But more generally, the University should be doing everything in its power to make the student athletics experience positive, not negative. The current hockey ticket lottery is ridiculous in this regard, as it does nothing to reward those who really make Cornell hockey what it is -- the Lynah Faithful.

Is the University really too scared to simply say: "Tickets go on sale at 6PM on Sunday. Please get in line when you wish?" Start to assign line numbers at 6PM the day before, and have random number checks throughout the 24 hour period. Any line issues before that time should be student regulated -- perhaps by the Pep Band?

I doubt anybody would show up before Friday night, and that would certainly be the most equitable, safe, and exciting way to dole out tickets, especially considering they are already making the students sleep overnight in Bartels. Might as well make it worth something.

I'm more torn about the busing. Ideally, Athletics doesn't really need to be involved. I'm certain some intrepid student group or fraternity could do the leg work to organize bus trips to the Harvard or Princeton games. And I bet they could even get funding from it at the SAFC.

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on May 01, 2008 (#)

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