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The Blogging of the Ivy League

Over the past month or so, two different blogs, IvyGate and IvyLeak have emerged claiming to “cover the news, gossip, sex, and sports” of the ancient eight, “plumbing their depths with muckraking flair.” Both are ostensibly run by Ivy League alumni, and both bring a considerable amount of Gawker-esque satire, snark, and sarcasm to your daily Ivy League news dish.

Both sites are also run completely anonymously, but my hunches would have it that IvyGate was started by Columbia alums, while IvyLeak has demonstrated a considerable interest in all things Cornellian.

Given that both sites possess a commanding knowledge and interest in higher education and the Ivy League, it would be hard to imagine either of their origins coming out of anything other than the minds of disaffected former college newspaper editors, now slacking away on their mundane day jobs as fact checkers and copy room clerks.

Here at MetaEzra, your polite and ever-thoughtful alumni-interest Cornell blog, we are amused by these two websites. One simply can’t help but marvel how well they get caught up in an over-glorified sports league (and how seriously some people take them to be):

Creating a petition to send to Mark Zuckerberg? Yep. Singling out Ned Lamont’s daughter for unneeded attention? You bet. Facebook messaging the son of a former Ivy League President? It’s not past them. Eiffel Towering President Skorton’s mom? Got it. Or spending way too much time pulling together statistics to demonstrate the Ivy League’s control of the world?* Well…errr… okay, we kind of spend too much time on statistics here too.

Me thinks that they may have way too much time on their hands. Could it be that their Ivy League degrees and connections couldn’t help them land a job that would actually keep them occupied during the work day? And maybe the reason why they blog anonymously is because they are afraid of being fired for their blogging-by-day antics.

Or, perhaps, they are all doing it all for the Google Adsense money as they claim. MetaEzra is certainly not raking in much dough through its ads, but as most people tell me, I went to the “non-Ivy” part of Cornell (a contract college), and perhaps the bona-fide Ivy League kids actually can make more money than us losers who went to SUNY-Ithaca.

*N.B. Kudos, however, must be given to IvyGate as they slyly not only know who Phil Gourevitch is, but decided to exclude him in their measures of Ivy League media hegemony.

Matthew Nagowski | Posted on September 11, 2006 (#)

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